Adjusting Your Car Seat - How To

January 12, 2018 at 12:14 PM


It’s important that you’re both comfortable and in the right position when you’re driving. Sitting too far from the steering wheel means that you’ll have to reach out while driving (which will cause fatigue) while sitting too close to the wheel is not only awkward but dangerous as the airbag could injure you in the event of a crash.

Tips for adjusting your seat

  • Slide your seat back and forth until you can push the left pedal all the way in while keeping your leg slightly bent at the knee.
  • Make sure you can touch the steering wheel with your wrists when your stretch out your arms. If only your hands reach the wheel, then you’re too far. If your forearms can reach the wheel, then you’re too close.
  • You can adjust the steering wheel by unlocking the adjustment lever beneath the steering column if you need to.
  • Adjust your seat’s angle or the steering wheel's height if necessary so that you are comfortable and can see the road well.

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