Bad Habits making people Fail Driving Test

October 06, 2014 at 10:41 AM

Interesting article:

A lot of people fail the full license test because of "bad habits". The test was introduced in February 2012 and is fairly basic: most of the driving on the test is done a 50km/h zone. Basic right and left hand turns at intersections and basic lane changes are required, and even the hazard identification on the full license test is not that complicated.

On the restricted license test, 66% of people fail in the first part of the test. Again, the scenarios of the first part of the test are fairly basic: right and left hand turns at intersections, basic lane changes and a parallel park behind a single vehicle.

Most common failures on both the restricted and full license test are:

-   Indication
-   Observation (scanning/ searching, mirror use and blind spot checking).
-   Speed

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