Changing Lanes On A Multi-lane Road

August 10, 2017 at 3:14 PM

It might seem like a straight forward manoeuvre, but changing lanes can be quite tricky. There’re a number of things you need to think about while at the same time evaluating the spaces around your car carefully.

Here’re the steps for changing lanes safely:

1. Look ahead to see if there’re hazards such as traffic that has slowed or stopped or cyclists and pedestrians that could make changing lanes dangerous.

2. Check your mirrors, indicate, and do a shoulder check.

3.Scan the road in front once more and check your mirrors and blind spots again.

4. If you are comfortable with the gap, steer your vehicle smoothly and decisively into the next lane.

5. Adjust your speed appropriately to match the flow of the traffic in that lane.

6. Perform another mirror check once you have changed lanes.

Category: Learner Driver Tips