Dealing with Blind Spots

September 27, 2016 at 4:08 PM


Blind spots are large areas around your car that can’t be seen by simply looking forward or checking your mirrors when driving. For a car, the main blind spots are located slightly behind the driver along either side of the car. Of course, there could be others.

Blind spots can be large enough that cars and motorcycles could completely disappear into them. The good thing is that a quick shoulder check can help you identify hazards in these areas. A shoulder check is done by quickly turning your head (not your whole body) to look either right or left through your side windows.

When to check your blind spots

Always check your blind spots before:

  • Pulling out from the kerb
  • Parallel parking or leaving a park
  • Making U-turns or three point turns
  • Merging with traffic
  • Changing lanes or overtaking
  • Changing position on the road eg before moving into a flush median.

In addition to checking your own blind spots, avoid getting into other driver’s blind spots too when driving. Drive ahead or drop back to create some distance when driving alongside another vehicle.

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