Driver Education. 5 Reasons why it’s More Important than Ever

October 16, 2015 at 5:49 PM

drivers-education.jpgDriver education, also known as driving tuition, driving lessons or driver’s ed, is a formal class or program meant to prepare a new driver to obtain either a learner’s permit or a driver’s licence. The class or program may take place online, in a classroom, in a vehicle, or a combination of these. Topics covered include traffic code or laws and proper vehicle operation.

If you are working towards obtaining a driving licence, then driver’s ed is a program you do not want to miss. But if adding another class to your already busy schedule doesn’t sound too cool, check out why it is to your advantage to take driver education. Here are five reasons why taking driver’s ed is now more important than ever.

  1. You learn from a professional. Your mum or dad might be a good driver, but he/she might not be the best person to give you driving lessons. Driver education programs offered by certified driving schools are often more efficient and comprehensive than learning from a family member or on your own. And because of the ongoing training and retraining professional instructors undertake to retain their government certification, their knowledge and information on driving is always up to date. This makes what they teach you accurate and relevant. 
  2. Safety. In addition to providing experienced instruction and modelling good driving etiquette, driver education reinforces best practices – such as distraction-free driving – that will keep you safe and alert on the roads. Your localised driving lessons will also provide additional information that is specific to your area such as tips on motorway driving, inclement weather, and how to navigate busy urban streets safely.
  3. Reduced learning times. Driving lessons are structured to suit your learning capabilities. Your instructor will develop a customised teaching plan for you that matches your learning abilities with the curriculum. With a personalised teaching plan, the instructor will know where to spend more time on and where less time is required. And by using a teaching plan that is most suitable for you, learning time will be cut significantly enabling you to complete your course in the shortest time possible without skipping anything.
  4. Building confidence. Driver education is not only important for building driver confidence in new drivers but in drivers who have relocated from another country. For new drivers, lessons help build confidence by providing knowledge, skill and exposure to various driving situations. Drivers relocating from another country get accustomed to driving in a new country under the safe supervision of an experienced local instructor which helps build their confidence.
  5. Increased chances of passing driving tests. Driving schools do their research and know exactly what the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) expects from you in the written and practical driving tests. This means that they know how to best prepare you for the exams. A proper driving school will equip you with all the knowledge and skill you require from fundamental safety tips to the basics of traffic laws and traffic signs to not only help you pass your tests but to also make you a better driver.

At A1 Driving School, we provide well-structured and comprehensive driver education to ensure that our students not only pass their licensing exams but effectively become safe drivers.

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