Entering Simple Roundabouts (manoeuvring)

August 13, 2018 at 5:28 PM

As you approach a simple roundabout, look well ahead to get an idea of its layout and how busy it is.

roundabout.jpgYou should also be working out the exit you need to take out of the roundabout as you drive to it. Follow these steps to safely enter and manoeuvre through a simple roundabout:

  • Use your mirrors to check the traffic behind you as you slow down for the roundabout.
  • Indicate early enough: right for right, left for left and no signal (yet) for straight through.
  • Shift down gears if you’re in a manual to 2nd or 1st if you need to stop.
  • Asses the traffic on the roundabout and pick a safe gap. Watch out for cyclists as they are a potential hazard at a roundabout.
  • Once you find a safe gap, enter the roundabout. If you’re not sure about a gap, it is best to wait a little bit longer until you find a gap that you are comfortable with.
  • Once you pass the exit just before the one you want to take, indicate left and proceed to turn to your desired exit.
  • Once you’re out of the roundabout, switch off your indicator and accelerate accordingly.Roundabouts can be quite challenging, so make sure to get adequate practice before your test.


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