Flush medians – how to use them

April 11, 2017 at 4:49 PM


Flush medians are diagonally painted stripes found in the middle of the road. They are useful when you want to turn right – onto or off the main road. They provide a safe place to stop and await a safe gap in the traffic without holding up other vehicles. Other than for this purpose, flush medians are generally not meant to be driven on.

Using a flush median to turn off or onto the main road

Follow these steps when using a flush median to get off or onto the main road:

  • Plan your approach in advance by thinking of where you want the car to be on the flush median.
  • Get into the right lane if you are using a multilane highway.
  • Check your mirrors and blindspot; signal; check your course; brake and shift down (for manuals).
  • Turn onto the flush median and stop if you need to.
  • Find a gap you are comfortable with and join the traffic when it’s safe to go.
  • Accelerate to match the speed of other vehicles.

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