Hill Driving – Hill starts facing downhill (Manual)

March 01, 2017 at 2:15 PM

Hill Driving – Hill starts facing downhill (Manual)


It’s much easier performing a hill start when facing downhill than uphill as gravity will help you out instead of working against you. You’ll still need to follow a couple of steps to do it successfully and safely.

Here are the steps for a downslope hill start:

  •      Press the footbrake down.
  •      Put the car in the first gear.
  •      Release the handbrake.
  •      Indicate, check your mirrors and blind spot.
  •       Let up the footbrake slightly while simultaneously releasing the clutch. You can give the car a bit of accelerator if you feel like it’s about to stall.
  •      Use the accelerator if needed as you pull away at a safe speed – how much accelerator you need will depend on how steep the slope is and the type of car you are driving.

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