Hill Driving – Hill starts facing uphill (Manual)

February 21, 2017 at 3:04 PM


For practising hill starts, choose a gentle slope with ample space behind just in case the car rolls back.

Follow these steps when you are ready to go:

  • Pull up the handbrake and press the release button.
  • Hold it up to keep it engaged.
  • Let the clutch up slowly until you feel the car ‘bite’, then slightly press it in to steady the vehicle.
  • Gradually press in the accelerator – you’ll need more of it than when driving on a flat surface.
  • Release the handbrake slowly – if the car rolls back, pull up the handbrake and use the pedals to find steady control.
  • Once you have steadied the car, indicate, do a shoulder check and check your mirrors.
  • If it’s clear, press the accelerator smoothly as you let out the clutch to slowly pull away.

Keep driving up the hill until you get into the 2nd gear – which you will need more accelerator to get to. Always ensure that you release the clutch slowly when shifting gears.

Category: Learner Driver Tips