How to do a Three Point Turn

October 20, 2016 at 2:46 AM

Three point turns are done when you want to turn the car completely around, but there isn’t enough space to make a U-turn. A three point turn is best done in an area that has no obstructions such as lampposts and parked cars with at least 50m visibility in both directions.


Once you find a good spot to make the turn, follow these steps.

  • Indicate left for a minimum of three seconds before pulling over.
  • Then indicate right for a minimum of three seconds and start turning.
  • Start moving forward, if it’s safe, ensuring that your steering wheel is turned all the way to the right.
  • Get to about 1 metre from the opposite kerb then quickly start turning the wheel to the left before bringing the car to a halt as close to the kerb as you can without touching it.
  • Looking over your shoulder, reverse, while turning the wheel to the extreme left if you hadn’t already.
  • When you’re back enough to complete the turn, start steering to the right before stopping the car.
  • Move forward to complete the turn, ensuring you’re in the proper place on the road.

Three point turns should be done at walking speed, all the while you constantly check around you for hazards.

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