How to move in reverse (Automatic car)

October 26, 2016 at 11:38 PM


The most challenging thing about moving in reverse is that you cannot see what is around you as easily as you can when moving forward. So if you are reversing from a driveway where there’re kids and pets present, go to the back of the car and check for obstructions before you start.

When you are ready:

  • Press in the brake.
  • Shift to the reverse gear.
  • Check your mirrors and blind spots to see what is going on around the car.

If all is clear, turn to your left so that you are looking out through the rear window and then start reversing. Take things slow and keep checking your mirrors and blind spots constantly.

Follow these steps to start reversing:

  • Gently release the brake; the car will start to move back.
  • Press the accelerator gently if you require to move faster.
  • Same as steering forward, look at the point you want to steer to and not immediately outside the back window.
  •  When you are about a car’s length to your destination, release the accelerator and smoothly press down the brake to stop the car.

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