How to move in reverse (Manual car)

December 12, 2016 at 2:49 PM


Not being able to easily see what is around you is the hardest thing about driving a car in reverse. Because of the limited visibility, make sure to check behind your vehicle for obstacles and hazards before you begin reversing.

Once you are ready:

1.    Press the clutch all the way in.
2.    Shift to the reverse gear.
3.    Check your mirrors and blind spots to see what is happening around the car.

If all is clear, turn your body so that you are looking out through the rear window ready to start moving.

  • Slowly let the clutch up until you feel the car ‘bite’, hold the clutch there to avoid bunny hopping or stalling.
  • Gently press the accelerator as you release the clutch slowly.
  • Look where you want to go instead of immediately behind the car as you steer.
  • Keep checking your mirrors and blind spots as you move.
  • Once you are about a car’s length to your stopping point, press the clutch all the way in and smoothly press the brake.

Practice reversing in an empty lot before trying it out on the road.

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