How To Reverse With A Trailer

January 09, 2018 at 10:46 AM

The most difficult part about reversing with a trailer is steering correctly. Because the trailer swivels on your vehicle’s tow bar, you’ll need to get the trailer to start moving in the direction you want before steering your vehicle through the turn to follow the trailer.

Here’re some tips to help you steer your trailer in reverse:

  • Look beyond the trailer in your rearview mirror to where you want your trailer to end up.
  • Steer to the opposite side you want the trailer to go, i.e. steer right to move the trailer left and vice versa. A simple way to do this is to hold your steering wheel at the bottom and then move your hand to the direction you want the trailer to go.
  • Once the trailer starts moving in the direction you want, straighten your car’s wheels again.
  • To make your car follow the trailer, move the steering wheel in the opposite direction to how you’d moved it when pointing the trailer to the target spot. Keeping your wheels straight as you reverse will make the angle between your car and trailer too tight making it impossible for your vehicle to push the trailer back.
  • Keep making small, smooth and regular movements with your steering wheel to move your trailer into place.

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