How To Safely Pull Out From The Side Of The Road

April 21, 2017 at 7:12 PM


The most important thing to remember when moving off from the side of the road is to be patient. Take your time to ensure it’s safe before you start to move into traffic.

The process for pulling out from the roadside is as follows:

  • Check your side and rear view mirrors to see what is going on around the car.
  • If there are no hazards, put on your right indicator for a minimum of 3 seconds before you start moving.
  • Put your car in gear and get ready to pull out.
  • Do another mirror check.
  • Look over your shoulder for cyclists, other vehicles, and pedestrians.
  • If it is safe to go, start moving forward slowly while turning your steering wheel away from the kerb.
  • Smoothly accelerate away from the kerb.
  • Steer to position your car properly in your lane.
  • Check your mirrors once more after you have joined the traffic.
  • Ensure you indicator is off if it doesn’t switch off automatically.

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