How To Turn Into A One-way Street

November 23, 2017 at 11:57 AM

one-way-438122_1920.jpgThe most important thing to remember when you want to turn into a one-way street is to ensure that you turn into the lane that is closest to you. For left turns, turn into the left-hand lane, and into the right-hand lane for right turns. There’s an exception to this rule if the road has markings pointing you to the lane you should take.

Make sure to plan ahead so that you know how you’re going to position your car. If you’re on a road with multiple lanes, make sure you head to the one that matches the direction you want to turn.

Follow these steps when making the turn: Check your mirrors – Signal – Choose your course – Brake – Shift to a lower gear (for manuals) – Assess your surroundings.

If vehicles coming from the opposite direction are also turning into the one-way street, you can both go at the same time as you will be turning into different lanes. Just make sure to look out for oncoming traffic just in case someone veers into your lane. Also, keep an eye out for traffic going straight in case you need to give way.

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