How to use your car’s controls (Automatic car)

November 15, 2016 at 4:47 PM


There’re two main controls in a vehicle:

1.  The pedals

These are two in an automatic vehicle – an accelerator for going and the brake for stopping. The accelerator is on the right and closest to the door while the brake is to the left of the accelerator.

How to use the pedals

  • Control both pedals with only your right foot.
  • Your left foot should not be used to control the pedals and should be placed on the foot rest on the left.
  • Push the pedals with your foot’s ball (not just the toes) with your heel always on the floor.

2.  The Gear shift

Gears are not used as much in an automatic car, but you still need to know what each is used for. The gears in an automatic are:

  • D for Drive
  • P for Park
  • N for Neutral
  • R for Reverse
  • 2 and L are the lower gears used on steep hills or when you are towing a heavy load.

Changing gears

  • Push the button on the gear lever when changing gears (except when changing between Drive and the lower gears).
  • Changing between Drive, Reverse, Neutral and Park should only be done when the car is stationary.
  • You can shift to the lower gears when you are moving at a slow speed (below 50km/h).

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