Intersections: Turning Right

January 24, 2017 at 1:59 PM


Turning right is quite similar to turning left at intersections, but there’re several more things that you’ll need to think about as you’ll have to cross a lane of traffic when making the turn.

As you approach the intersection, go through the pre-turn routine that involves: checking your mirrors, signalling the direction you’re going, planning your course, slowing down, shifting to the appropriate gear (for manuals), and assessing your surroundings.

Completing a right turn

Once you’ve completed the turn routine, follow these steps to complete the turn:

  • If you are at a Give Way, Stop or an uncontrolled intersection, look at both sides of the road (right and left) and ahead (if necessary.)
  • Look right and left once more to ensure it’s completely safe.
  • Perform the last check as you begin to move just in case you missed something.
  • Check whether it’s clear where your car will be once you make the turn for course planning.
  • Once you make the turn, increase your speed smoothly to match that of other vehicles around you.

Remember to always give yourself some room (enough space that you can see some road over your bonnet) when behind another car at an intersection.

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