Level Crossings – Using the signs and devices on crossings

April 25, 2017 at 6:40 PM


A level crossing is any place where the road and ground-level railway intersect. Railway crossings can have a number of warning devices and signs, these include:

  • Stop sign. Bring your car to a complete halt behind the yellow ‘limit line’ (or at least five meters from the track if there isn’t one) when you come across this sign at a level crossing. Check right and left along the track for an oncoming train before proceeding.
  • Lights, bells and/or barriers. If the devices are not warning you of an oncoming train (i.e. the barrier arm is up, the bells are not ringing, and the lights are not flashing) slow down and be prepared to stop as you check both sides of the track. If all is clear, then you can proceed.

If the devices are activated (i.e. the barrier arm is down, lights are flashing and bells ringing) you will need to stop and wait until the devices stop before crossing.

Although rare, there are some crossings with no signs or devices – usually on private land. For these make sure you slow your vehicle to a crawl and check both sides of the railway before crossing.

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