Pedestrian Crossings – How To Drive Through Them

January 17, 2018 at 12:23 PM

car_crossing_zebra_pedestrian_crossing.JPGPedestrian crossings are designated places for pedestrians to cross the road. They’re sometimes referred to as “Zebra crossings” because of the striped black and white pattern the markings create on the road. These crossings are pretty common in areas where there are a lot of people such as around shops, schools and on urban roads.

Tips for driving through a pedestrian crossing

  • Identify the crossing early by looking out for warning signs and markings on the road (a white diamond).
  • Watch out for pedestrians around the crossing (some may be distracted and not see you coming).
  • Slow down as you come up to the crossing and be prepared to stop.
  • Give way to anybody on the crossing or anybody who is obviously waiting to cross. Do this by stopping behind the white limit line.
  • Do not drive off until the pedestrian has crossed in front of you and is actually clear of your vehicle.

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