Reversing Out Of An Angle Park

January 29, 2017 at 3:36 PM


When reversing out of an angle park, it is important to scan your surrounding and check your mirrors constantly to know everything that is going on around you. You should also back out slowly to allow other drivers to notice what you are doing and make adjustments to their driving if they need to.

Here’s the process for backing out from an angle park:

  • Check your mirrors to find out how wide the space between your car and the others on either side is.
  • Put your car in reverse gear and start backing out slowly.
  • Look out through the back and side windows to see behind you and keep checking your mirrors to ensure your car is still a safe distance from adjacent vehicles.
  • Keep reversing until your car is further back than the car adjacent to you on your left then start turning the steering wheel right. Keep track of your front right corner to ensure it doesn’t hit the car on your right.
  • Keep checking behind for traffic.
  • Once you’ve backed around and the car is facing the direction you want to go, straighten the steering.
  • Stop the car and shift into 1st gear (manual) or into drive (automatic)
  • Check your mirrors, signal right, check your blind spots and start moving.

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