Tips For Driving Around Cyclists

March 06, 2018 at 2:56 PM

Tips_For_Driving_Around_Cyclists.jpgCyclists are the second most vulnerable road users after pedestrians, and as such, drivers need to take extra care to ensure they don’t put cyclists in danger when they meet on the road. Here are a couple of tips for driving around cyclists safely:

  • Cyclists may sometimes move faster than you anticipated, so make sure to check that you’re clear of them before you move back to your lane after passing them.
  • Allow at least 1.5 metres between you and the cyclist.
  • At intersections, apply the same rules to cyclists that you would to any other vehicle on the road. Take care to indicate turns.
  • If you are crossing a cycle lane, give way to cyclists before you cross.
  • Although cyclists usually ride on the far-left side of the road, they do sometimes need to move to the middle of the lane. Reasons why they might need to include: 1) Avoiding hazards on the roadside 2) Making themselves visible as they approach intersections and 3) When the road is too narrow for vehicles to pass them safely.
  • Be careful when opening the door after you stop your vehicle. Make sure to check your blind spots and mirrors before you open your door into traffic. You can ensure you always check by using your left hand to open the car door. This way your body swings around in your seat so that you’re facing the side the traffic is coming from.

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