Turning Left Into A Multi-lane Road

January 09, 2018 at 11:23 AM

2933490_38a6552a.jpgIt’s a bit simpler to turn left into a multi-lane highway than it is to turn right. That’s because you’ll not need to cross over traffic lanes to make the turn. However it is still important to ensure that you get the basics right.

Look ahead to the intersection so as to be able to plan your course as well as to position your car correctly for the turn.

While coming up to the turn, make sure you go through the following steps: Check mirrors –> Signal direction –> Check your course –> Brake –> Shift down gears –> Assess your surroundings.

  • Angle your vehicle slightly to the left as you pull up at the intersection to ready yourself for the turn.
  • Look for a gap (look to the right and ahead at least twice before you move off).
  • If all is clear, turn into the closest lane and accelerate to the appropriate speed.


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