Turning Right Into A Multi-lane Road

October 21, 2017 at 3:22 AM


Turning right into a road with multiple lanes is very similar to turning right into a single-lane road. The only difference is that there is more traffic for you to watch out for.

Look well ahead as you approach the intersection so that you can plan where to position your vehicle for the turn. Remember to check your mirrors, indicate, choose your course, brake, shift to a lower gear (for manuals) and assess your surrounding as you come up to the turn.

Follow these steps to make the turn:

  • Position your car near the centreline of the street you are on facing straight towards the intersection.
  • Look for a gap in the traffic (look both ways and ahead a minimum of two times before pulling out).
  • If all is clear, cross the lanes of traffic coming towards you from your right side and turn into the closest lane to the middle of the road.
  • Speed up to match the flow of the traffic.

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