Understanding Your Car’s Mirrors

January 12, 2018 at 1:49 PM

car_mirror_image-sml.jpgYour vehicle’s mirrors are important because they enable you to see most of what is going on around your vehicle. Although they do help you see a lot, they don’t cover everything, and a few places around your vehicle remain invisible through the mirrors. These places are referred to as blind spots. As such, you need to adjust your mirrors correctly to ensure your blind spots are as small as possible.

The function of each mirror

  • The rear-view mirror is located at the top centre of your windscreen and is used to see what is behind you through the rear window. You should adjust this mirror so that you are able to see as much of the road behind you as possible and as little of the back seat as you can.
  • The side mirrors are located on the sides of your vehicle and show you what is behind you on your right and left. These should be adjusted so that they are pointing back at the road to let you see what is behind you. They shouldn’t show your own vehicle or be angled up or down.

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