Urban Driving – How To Deal With Traffic Lights

July 06, 2017 at 10:55 AM

Traffic lights are a major part of driving in urban areas. Their job is to control the flow of traffic at busy intersections where many vehicles might want to pass at the same time.


Here is how you should approach and drive through intersections controlled by traffic lights:

Prepare to stop as you approach the intersection

If the green light turns yellow, you are required to stop if it’s safe to do so.
You should be aware of where the ‘point of no return’ is. This is the area where you won’t be able to stop safely. If the light switches to yellow when you are beyond this point, don’t change your mind and jam on the brakes as it will already be too late.

Keep the blocking rule in mind

Ensure there is a big enough space on the other side of the intersection before you enter – otherwise, you will get stuck in the middle once the lights change.

You can use the intersection as you wait to turn

If you want to turn right, there isn’t a right-turning arrow, and nobody else is already waiting in the intersection, you’re allowed to drive into it and wait for a gap in the traffic flowing straight through.

Turn right when it’s safe to go, even when the lights change to yellow or red – but ensure straight-through traffic has stopped before turning in front of them.

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