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Barry Gosper

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Christo Heunis

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Lynda Barrett

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Harald Leeuwenburgh

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Kevin King

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Rick Sherriff

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Morne de Lange

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Testimonials For Morne De Lange  2012 & 2013

"Everything was great, I am very happy with my lesson."

19/12/2013 9:15 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"My daughter originally requested Linda to do driving lessons but Linda was to busy. We where contacted by Morne who informed us that Linda was unavailable and introduce himself. He put no pressure on us and left it up to us to have a think about having another instructor. We found him very polite and very organised. My shy daughter felt right at ease and found Morne to be a wonderful calm instructor. Thank you Morne."

9/12/2013 5:39 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Very informative and patient instructor. I highly recommend him!"

20/11/2013 7:05 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Had a couple of lessons with Morne before sitting my full. He explained concepts in a easy manner and what was expected during the test well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for driving lessons."

5/11/2013 8:16 PM    

"Morne is a very friendly and helpful driving instructor. He is patient and knowledgable, I would recommend him to anyone."

21/10/2013 9:00 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"An excellent company. They give clear instructions and really try to give you the best tuition possible. They won't 'drive' you mad."

18/10/2013 12:01 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Very useful and helpful, felt confident just after a couple of lessons, really improved my somewhat useless driving, very grateful :)"

17/9/2013 3:03 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"I came to Morne with some bad driving experiences which resulted in me feeling anxious everytime I went behind the wheel, but by the end of my lessons with Morne that fear was gone and I could drive with confidence. The day before my restricted test however, I doubted my ability to pass completely but Morne just reaffirmed me built up my confidence and I passed!!I feel so free and independent Thankyou Morne!So if you are looking for a fun driving instructor who builds not just your driving skills and road knowledge but your confidence behind the wheel then choose Morne."

10/9/2013 20:39 PM    

"Morne is a really great instructor. He is calm and informative with out every overwhelming me with too information."

29/8/2013 2:12 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Morne was Awesome!"

23/8/2013 7:50 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Morne is Awesome!"

6/8/2013 3:12 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Morne is awesome! Thankyou"

31/7/2013 5:55 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Advice given by Morne during the training was very helpful."

23/7/2013 2:08 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    
Lip Khoon Lim    

"At last, today I got my license! I did a great parallel park - thanks to your great teaching."


"I had a great time driving around Auckland with Morne. Lots of practical tips which are much appreciated. I am now confident that I would be able to safely drive around the city. I will definitely recommend to friends and family to book lessons with A1."

9/7/2013 12:24 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Simply superb!!!"

26/6/2013 11:44 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"hi, Im very happy with the instructor.Have tried other places but im gonna stick with you guys . I found very polite and patient the two instructors I had here . they make you feel very confortable. Very glad I found You Guys . Silelza."

12/6/2013 7:09 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Morne is great! I had lessons with him a few years ago for my restricted licence, and had another lesson with him this morning to go over what is to be expected in my full licence test. Really nice guy, very helpful and was an excellent instructor - thanks heaps!"

26/5/2013 11:02 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Great and will definitely book again!!"

23/5/2013 3:00 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Great lesson. Very patient and easy to learn from....cheers Morne"

14/5/2013 3:15 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Was good lesson. Good instructor would recommend to others."

13/4/2013 10:01 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Hi!! Was lots of fun i really enjoyed it! If my dad fails at teaching me how to parallel park, i'll definitely book again :)"

11/12/2012 11:42 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"We found Morne to be a very good trainer, our son was very comfortable with him and listened and implemented his advice (not easy with teenage boys) We received a very good and detailed debrief after the first lesson on areas where our son should concentrate and improve on. Morne was very flexible in meeting our requests for appointments at short notice. In short a very good experience as regards customer service and impressed with the company as a whole. Would recommend to anyone else."

28/11/2012 7:22 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Hi there, Morne is very good. Clear, calm, helpful, patient and easy to learn from. Thankyou"

12/11/2012 12:48 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"I booked for 5-day driving lessons with Morne and i am very happy with the result. He thought me techniques to make driving a lot easier! Now, I am more confident at the same time enjoying driving! :)"

23/7/2012 6:42 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"AAA+++.Very good service.Professional trainers."

9/7/2012 3:50 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Morne is sensitive and its good to learn from the instructor like him"

30/6/2012 10:15 AM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"It went very well and I learnt a lot from it."

22/6/2012 3:48 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   


I feel i am more confidence after each lesson & learning lots from the fantastic driving instructor.
The whole experience is great ."

20/6/2012 2:16 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   
Thanks, Rita   

"Morne is a great instructor, I feel much more confident driving (and parking!) now."

15/6/2012 5:46 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Morne is a good driving instructor. Smart, straight ti the point, easy to understand him."

14/6/2012 7:53 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Morne is a really good teacher with a great approach"

29/5/2012 6:52 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Mornee is very professional and helpful with the pre-test full licence driving test today."

25/5/2012 1:48 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know that I have passed my restricted test and I attribute my passing to Morne’s excellent driving lessons.
He helped me build my confidence and also was great at passing on knowledge even of little things that you don’t get out of the road code.
He is a great reliable instructor as well as super friendly and never made me feel bad about some mistakes I made along the way.
Thanks heaps!"


"Superb instructors, Speak out of a genuine commitment to driving well."

8/5/2012 5:41 PM   
Rating: 4 stars   

"awesome - great patient instructor who goes at the right pace but knows when you push you" 

12/4/2012 2:14 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Awesome service, very helpful. Would recommend."

23/2/2012 3:46 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Hello i want to let you guys know that my driving instructer Morne has made me improve in just two lessons :)

I'm so happy learning new techniques everytime i am having my lesson
thank you soo much :)"

19/2/2012 6:52 PM   
Rating: 4 stars   

"I highly recommend A1 Driving School. They have excellent driving instructors and it's tons of fun."

25/1/2012 6:03 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Hi there,

I would throughly recommend Morne as a driving instructor; his calm and simple approach to driving is fantastic for a learner driver. Morne breaks down complicated driving maneuvers into manageable components, making driving far simpler. He boosted my driving confidence, which was very low to begin with and I am sure I would not have passed my test without his help."