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Harald Leeuwenburgh

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Rick Sherriff

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Testimonials For Rick Sherriff

"Before starting lessons with Rick I went to a different driving school and had a bad experience which made me lose all confidence in myself and my driving ability. After the first lesson with Rick I had regained my confidence again and felt more positive as a driver before going for my restricted test. After 6 lessons with Rick I was able to pass my restricted test on the first time. Rick is a very professional driving instructor who was calm and made me feel at ease during lessons. He is a good teacher who has helpful tips to improve driving and make it feel like a less stressful experience. I would highly recommend Rick to any one who is looking to learn how to drive or to someone who is wanting to do some final preparation before their drivers test.

19/2/2019 8:00 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick is an outstanding instructor"

13/2/2019 5:54 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Great service, thank you. Zach feels much more confident about his driving (and so do I!)."

21/1/2019 5:30 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick is the best instructor I've ever had. He not only teaches you to pass, but important driving skills and techniques that you will use for the rest of your life. I'm grateful for his help."

19/12/2018 2:24 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick was excellent. He empowered Sarah with the belief and ability to pass her license. Thank you"

29/11/2018 6:27 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Great lessons!! Really useful and couldn’t have passed without them. Thanks again Rick"

12/10/2018 9:39 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Hi Ric was great"

25/8/2018 8:34 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick was a fantastic instructor and helped me to pass my restricted test on my first go. Would highly recommend Rick to anyone. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and calm and gave me heaps of good tips to polish up my driving skills. He always kept me calm and comfortable, especially on my test day and gave me confidence in my driving abilities. Thanks Rick, couldn't have done it without you!"

23/7/2018 4:55 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"My name is Isabella Wilson, my driver was Rick. I don't have one bad thing to say. Rick was constantly on time (sometimes 15 minutes early), he'd text to say he was here when I was ready but that there was no rush, I'd get in the car and he'd greet me every single time without fail always asking how I was and how my week had been then we'd get into driving straight away. Rick would give me clear instructions and we would just chat. If I wasn't on the right track he'd let me know but he always made me feel so comfortable and calm no matter what the situation was. If there was a problem he'd let me know so I could adjust accordingly but he always made sure I knew where I went wrong so I wouldn't do it again. We always had friendly chats- he'd tell about what was happening in his life and vice versa but he never distracted me from driving; I think he was allowing me to try and multi task (which I was good at most of the time). There were one or two occasions where we came into contact with dangerous drivers but I never felt like I was in harms way because Rick always talked me through what to do if that situation happened again and I was by myself. I cannot fault any of my lessons or the way I was taught and I don't think I would've passed first time round if it hadn't been for Rick. He would go above and beyond to help me and give me little pointers and hacks (when I was doing parallel parking which made things so much easier). If I ever have a friend or family member who is learning to drive or thinking about it, the first company/person I will pass them on to will be Rick and A1 Driving School. Thank you Rick, I don't know what I would have done without you :)"

3/7/2018 5:38 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick Sheriff polished the rough edges off my 17 year old nephews learner driver skills, so that he could sit his restricted. My nephew failed first time around but succeeded on the second attempt. As a former testing officer, Rick has a thorough understanding of what students need in order to pass the tests. He is a patient, calm and confident teacher, who is professional in every way. Thanks Rick."

14/2/2018 9:37 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick is a very good instructor. He is very patient and helpful. Would recommend to anyone."

17/9/2017 6:22 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick is just fabulous. Family member recommended Rick and now I certainly will. My son was so nervous on his first lesson and he came back so happy and relaxed. He thinks Rick is great and is a fantastic teacher."

19/8/2017 1:09 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick was very patient and helpful. He is extremely knowledgeable and detailed with his instruction - made me realise that I have a lot to learn!"

1/7/2017 1:38 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Hi Rick,
It is going very good! I feel as free as never before driving to/from work…and it takes me like an hour less by car even in traffic.
Everything you taught me help a lot! I always check my mirrors haha, but now I see the mirror with my side vision and sometimes don’t even need to look – that is how advances I am now.
My husband tells I need to be more calm cause I am too impudent (if correct to say so) sometimes.
I am going forward on the merging lanes and already beeped once at a person.
How is your health? How is everything?
I hope you are getting better! Auckland should have more such great instructors as you are!

22/1/2017 11:16 AM    

"Rick was very helpful and offered great advice."

9/1/2017 1:22 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"I was very much fortunate to have Rick as my instructor. He has been extremely professional, approachable, and friendly. No matter how many questions I had to ask or mistakes I made, he always took the time out to explain them to me.
Other than that, Rick also gave me plenty of advice about the Restricted test, made me practice according to what I could be assessed on, and gave me practice in how I can improve as a driver.
I still remember how bad my experience was with an AA instructor as that made me very conscious, however from the very first lesson with Rick my confidence came back. I couldn't have passed my Restricted test in the first attempt without Rick's support, knowledge and confidence in me as a driver. Throughly recommend Rick!
Thanks Rick and A1.

7/12/2016 3:57 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"I've had several lessons with Rick and he is such a good instructor who is friendly and fun. He always gives lots of helpful advice which is very beneficial and I have improved so much over the time I have been having driving lessons with him. I would highly recommend Rick :)"

11/11/2016 3:26 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"I had Rick yesterday and it was the best lesson I've ever had! I was initially so nervous, due to a previous bad experience with AA. However, with Rick I've learned so much. He's incredibly passionate and knowledgable and I can't wait till my next lesson.

2/10/2016 4:53 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Passed my Full licence today!
Thank you Rick you are brilliant!
I went from being scared of driving to passing my full in no time thanks to your patience and deocation.
Totally Recommend Rick Sherriff he is kind and understanding and a great teacher!
Thanks Rick!"

27/9/2016 3:47 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Firstly, a massive thank you to Mr Harald Leeuwenburgh for going out of his way to set up my first lesson with Mr Rick Sheriff. Although having an extremely busy schedule Mr Sheriff was kind to take me on board. Mr Sheriff is a Godsend. Prior to my first lesson with Rick I had already had 5 lessons with another driving school but I was still terrified to drive. I put it down to me being a slow learner or just someone that's not meant to drive. Then along came Mr Sheriff, cool, calm and collected. Let's just say, I conquered my fears after just one lesson with him. I drove along one of the busiest roads in West Auckland - Lincoln Road, Henderson. And I'm booked for more lessons with him. It's funny how one can achieve their goals and conquer fears with great guidance and support. I can't THANK YOU enough Rick and the A1 team. My family can't THANK YOU enough too. They've been waiting 20 years for me to learn to drive. A1 for me stands for Awesome! number 1 Driving Instructors! ;)"

21/9/2016 1:45 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"I had Rick as my trainer, he was such a nice man! Would recommend to anyone."

1/9/2016 8:06 AM    
Rating: 4 stars    

"Rick was an excellent driving instructor. I got my restricted on the first attempt after learning to drive from Rick and have now been on the roads for 8 months, crash and ticket free.
Thanks Rick!"

24/8/2016 9:49 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Thanks Rick for helping Josh with his restricted today. He glided through thanks to your expertise and great attitude! We highly reccomend you"

16/5/2016 5:11 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick is amazing, he was so calm and collected. He never once made me feel stressed and I am 10x more confident then I have ever been when driving open roads"

1/5/2016 1:20 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

I just want to say thank you so much A1 Driving School. Before taking lessons with A1 I was a very nervous driver, whereas now I have a lot more confidence when I'm driving. I am very grateful to Rick Sheriff, he has shown me numerous techniques to improve my driving (such as parallel parking and road placement). Due to this I passed my restricted test first time today. I would recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive or just needing some refresher lessons. Friendly and Calm Instructor.
Thank you

20/4/2016 3:04 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"My son Josh had a bad experience with another company and was put off from driving lessons but was really pleased with Rick
He came home very positive and keen for another lesson. Thanks Rick"

6/4/2016 10:11 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

I would definitely recommend A1 driving school. I had a really good session with Rick. He showed me the points where I need improvements. Also, demonstrated a good example of relaxed and defensive driving. So over all I would say his tips and tricks are really helpful and makes you feel very safe when driving.

13/3/2016 8:48 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Really Handy, full of knowledge... highly recommend!"

2/3/2016 4:04 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"First of all I am happy that I didn't cancel my session with Rick due to my frustration with alertdriving school. I thought all instructors are harsh but I stand corrected. Rick doesn't memorize his spiel to students. He provides a very thorough instructions and explanation as to why we are doing that. I am speechless to this guy and most of all he helped me enjoy my driving lesson. I will book another session with rick in preparation for my practical exam. Thanks rick!!! :)"

1/11/2015 4:12 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"I got my full driving license today and I want to say a big thank you to Rick sherriff. he is absolutely awesome. I enjoyed my lessons and I learned a lot from him. I do recommend him to anybody who wants to have a real instructor. Thanks Rick . Narjes"

14/10/2015 10:41 PM    

"I really enjoyed my lessons with rick learnt a lot and he was just a very nice and calming teacher. Thank you rick ."

8/9/2015 1:30 PM    
Rating: 5 Stars    

Rick is a very good instructor . He is very patient and methodical"

8/9/2015 1:07 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick was so helpful and had so many handy hints! Definitely booking again!"

6/7/2015 5:43 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick was very thorough and patient, gave me lots of tips for improving my driving.
I was very impressed with my first lesson, thanks Rick"

14/6/2015 7:04 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Great first lesson with Rick. Looking forward to next week."

20/5/2015 3:51 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Hi Guys
Great service, thank you. My son has learnt a lot."

29/4/2015 3:22 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"I think you learn alot from A1 driving lessons. I would definitely consider telling everyone about my experience and to sign up.Rick sheriff is a very professional helpful and encouraging instructor. He helped me to learn many skills on the road to be a great confident driver. I've learnt a lot so far and ths is only my second time and already I'm confident and doing well. Thanks."

15/4/2015 3:04 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Very pleasant and calm instructor"

5/4/2015 8:24 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick is a very kind and helpful instructor, I'm looking forward to more lessons with him."

4/4/2015 10:51 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick is awesome"

19/3/2015 1:03 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Hi there .
Yvonne chang here .
On monday the 9th ihad a driving lesson with a1 driving school ! . And my instructor was RICK ! . rick helped alot ! . His advise and instructions were great they helped me for my big day which is today wednesday 11th april ! . And im happy to say i have my RESTRICTED ! . WOOOHOOOO . THANK YOU RICK !! . =)"

11/3/2015 8:53 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Had my third lesson today. I must say that I have been gaining confidence in driving under the supervision of Rick. He teaches me in such a way that I learn but do not lose confidence. Looking forward to my next driving lesson."

26/2/2015 9:09 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"It's great having an instructor who knows what he is doing and has the experience for the job! I really enjoy my lessons with Rick because I always come out of them learning something new and important. He is also very enthusiastic about teaching and is keen to help in all the areas you ask about or need to work on. Thanks"

18/2/2015 3:09 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick is a really good teacher I like how he explains everything in depth and when you maje a mistake he tell you what you did wrong and how to improve on it"

7/2/2015 6:55 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Rick Sheriff - Excellent instructor Very helpful and positive. Feel more confident in sitting my restricted license.Would recommend to anyone. Thanks Rick! - Dylan"

27/1/2015 7:58 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"2nd lesson with Rick today, can honestly say he is the best instructor i have ever had (i had several lessons a few years ago with a different company) Very chilled and friendly :) and offers great advice!"

14/1/2015 1:11 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Thanks Rick for all your patience and understanding.
I have learn't a lot from you and also enjoyed your company.
It was a great feeling to pass my restricted test.
Many thanks again

6/1/2015 9:06 PM    
Rating: 5 stars