Try our road code quiz!

Part of the criteria for successfully getting a driver’s licence in New Zealand is to pass a written exam regarding road rules, road code and best driving practices. Try our simple online driving practice quiz below:

No one starts out knowing all the rules and regulations when it comes to driving on New Zealand roads, so a driving quiz can be an effective way of learning and understanding what’s required to pass the written test and drive safely on our roads.

Before you start to learn to drive, you need to pass a written  driving test in order to obtain a learner’s licence and get your L-plates. This test is theory only and needs to be successfully completed before you can sit behind the wheel of a car with your driving instructor. Once again, a driving quiz is the way to get practice in for answering the questions and answering them correctly.

NB our sample questions are only representative of the type of questions you may get on your written test.