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"I just want to thank my driving instructor Vidya Nand. I've had a couple of driving lessons with him to prepare for my restricted test, and I have gained so much confidence. Vidya encouraged me and taught me all the basics required. I felt very relaxed in the car. He is friendly, warm, helpful, knowledgeable and clear. Once again, thanks to Vidya for being a great teacher!!!"

31/10/2020 1:39 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"My feedback is good. Vidya is a good experienced driver, he took me to the test driving venue. He gave me a lot of tips and instructions that helped me. Vidya is really a nice experienced driving instructor. Thanks Vidya, thanks A1.
I hope I will pass my driving test."

20/10/2020 4:05 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Vidya is an expert driver instructor, he is very kind and have a lot of experience as well. He was very kind to me during the drive lesson, he gave me a lot of beneficial points that I didn’t know.
Thank you Vidya and looking forward to seeing you back again next Tuesday.

17/10/2020 6:18 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Vidya is a great communicator and knows how to challenge his students to their individual abilities.
Going wide around Auckland (rather than just around the block) helps students be exposed to new environments and streets.
Vidya boosts confidence and knows exactly how to handle young drivers."

14/10/2020 2:29 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Vidya is the best teacher there is. He a fun guy to talk to, very supportive and patient. Full of driving and road knowledge. Thank you for teaching me Vidya!"

12/10/2020 9:16 AM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Vidya was an amazing driving instructor. He made me feel calm at all times while making sure that I learnt all the skills required to pass my restricted test. Thank you!"

1/10/2020 2:10 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   
YJ Lee   

"Hi there we just wanted to share some feedback on Caitlin’s experience with Vidya Nand.
He was an excellent instructor who prepared her well for her restricted test.  She learnt a lot more from him than an earlier instructor from a different school.  We are very pleased we found you and being able to get a lesson on Sunday was a big help. 
We will probably contact you again when she is close to sitting for her full license.
Many thanks"

29/9/2020 3:46 PM   

"Attention feedback, I would like to thank Vidya for driving instructing professionaliam. 10/10 as a driving instructor. I would highly recommend Vidya to anybody looking to obtain driving lessons. Thank you"

24/9/2020 2:08 PM   

"Thank you A1 and Vidya, my driving instructor, for passing my full driving test today. Vidya is an excellent teacher, and he did a fantastic job with polishing my driving and boosting my confidence that I needed for my full driving test as a very delayed conversion of my overseas driving permit. He is obviously very experienced and has a very nice approach, friendly, but with a pinch of gentle authority that you need from a teacher and I really liked it. I was happy with my progress after every lesson and his short and clear tips always resonated in my mind while practising in between the lessons. Thank you Vidya!"

23/9/2020 2:18 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"I started from only driving in a car park to passing my restricted with 20 lessons! Thanks vidya for all the support. Highly recommended!"

22/9/2020 12:06 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Vidya is very calm and patient and gives very clear instructions. He had a lot of helpful tips and it seams he a is very experienced instructor. I was happy with my driving lesson."

10/9/2020 1:26 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Vidya is amazing! Made me feel very comfortable and was a delight to drive with! Fantastic teacher!!"

5/9/2020 12:38 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Vidya Nand is an extremely helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and professional driving instructor who gave excellent pointers that helped me pass my FLT with confidence in the first attempt. Thank you Vidya Nand.
Best regards,

4/9/2020 11:30 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Great lesson. Thanks!"

3/9/2020 8:24 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"I had learner lessons with Vidya, and started off very pessimistic, with little self confidence. From the first lesson, he was incredibly optimistic and friendly, and gave me a big confidence boost that really helped me. He made me feel super relaxed and gave me the tools to become a much safer and more aware driver. Needless to say I passed my restricted first time with no critical errors, and his lessons played a HUGE role in making that happen!"

"Feedback:     Attn: Harold
Today, I have passed my restricted driving test. Initially, I was struggling with my driving but Vidya really helped me to overcome all those barriers and make my success. He is an exceptional driving instructor with his professionalism and honest personality. I will highly recommend Vidya for your next lessons. Thanks to Vidya Nand and A1 driving school.

9/8/2020 10:55 AM   
Rating: 5 stars   

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