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"Feedback:     Attn: Harold
Today, I have passed my restricted driving test. Initially, I was struggling with my driving but Vidya really helped me to overcome all those barriers and make my success. He is an exceptional driving instructor with his professionalism and honest personality. I will highly recommend Vidya for your next lessons. Thanks to Vidya Nand and A1 driving school.

9/8/2020 10:55 AM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"I had Vidya as my instructor from sitting my restricted to my full. Vidya is very calm, understanding and has clear instruction. He made me feel confident yet cautious behind the wheel. The instructors vehicles are safe and reliable. I would recommend A1 and Vidya to anyone who is looking to sit there licence. Thank you."

4/8/2020 11:28 AM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Vidya was an excellent instructor - and I say this with the experience of having three in my lifetime. I felt Vidya had confidence in my potential from the beginning and genuinely cared about my progress. He created a relaxed and safe atmosphere for learning - where mistakes are treated as opportunities to grow - not someone yelling at you from the side. Just passed! Thanks a lot A1."

4/8/2020 11:26 AM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"I did my training with Vidya, he is an amazing instructor. He helped me to overcome my worries about driving and polish my skills. Now I passed my restricted test thanks to him and I am a confident driver. He is adaptable to the needs of each student and make you improve very fast. Thanks for all the lessons and tips that make me a good driver. Cindy"

27/7/2020 4:22 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Hi , I Feroza Reddy felt very comfortable learning to drive wth Vidya my instructor. He has alot off patience wth his student s , I have become a very confident driver learning wth A1 driving school. A very big thank you."

11/6/2020 8:11 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   
Rose Feroza   

"Big thanks to Vidya for being a great teacher and giving me plenty of tips i have never thought of! Passed my restricted test today!! Thanks a bunch!"

9/6/2020 5:33 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"I passed my full license test in my first attempt, all Thanks to the excellent mentoring of Vidya Nand. He pointed out the exact mistakes I was doing and helped me improve on them. On the test day he gave me a lot of encouragement and built my confidence. I would highly recommend Vidya as a driving instructor."

22/2/2020 9:45 AM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Vidya is a great driving instructor who focuses on details and polishes your driving skills. Always punctual on time and gives polite feedback. Super friendly and positive! Also, he is a good mate to chat with!"

19/2/2020 7:01 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"I would like to share some feedback on my lessons at A1 Driving School:

I had my driving lessons with Vidya. It was a very empowering experience. He offered tailored and constructive comments. His sense of humor and kindness made the lessons enjoyable. As a result, I have passed the restricted licence test with ease. I would highly recommend Vidya as a driving instructor.


30/1/2020 10:53 AM   

"The driving instructor gives good instructions and the learning process is easy. I was able to learn many new driving rules in one lesson. Each time I feel more confident and excited to learn more."

29/1/2020 2:12 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Great service as always. Instructor turned up on time and gave us good feedback on the learner."

26/1/2020 8:15 AM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Vidya was awesome, very kind and friendly and gave me so much confidence in my driving transition from the American right side of the road, to the left side of NZ, right before I begin my big campervan adventure. Would STRONGLY recommend if you are like me and needed just a little helping hand before going on a road trip!"

14/11/2019 5:15 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Always a great lesson!
I’m enjoying it more and more. Too bad my driving is getting better thanks to Vidya and I won’t need them anymore soon!
Very friendly, fun and constructive!!!
Also thank you for dropping me off in different area to make it easier for me!"

9/11/2019 4:08 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Excellent lesson with Vidya - solved lots of issues"

2/11/2019 4:27 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

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