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"Vidya is THE BEST!!! I had to take a break from driving lessons as I welcomed my first baby. I was feeling quite anxious once I started taking driving lessons again but with his calmness and the super friendly human being he is, Vidya was able to make me feel relaxed, comfortable and confident to drive again. Two days ago I passed my restricted driving test and I couldn't be happier. THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything, Vidya!!! See you again for lessons to get my full license :)"

7/4/2022 10:40 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Vidya has been an amazing instructor. And I look forward to have more classes with him."

3/4/2022 1:58 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"great lesson needed that as it is very different driving in Auckland than waiheke.The instuctor was very informative and helpful learned alot!"

18/3/2022 4:00 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"I am delighted the way Vidya guide. I made right decision and thank you Vidya. He is calm, patient, understanding, professional and providing real time valuable feedback in order to improve . Thanks"

22/2/2022 12:26 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Vidya is great, both of my kids have done driving lessons with him. He makes them feel relaxed, provides great advice. I would highly recommend him."

11/2/2022 4:29 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Vidya was bang on time, friendly and he was always encouraging. He showed both a great knowledge of driving techniques and an excellent ability to teach key skills. It was a great lesson for both skills and confidence!"

6/2/2022 6:55 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Vidya jumped in last minute after I forgot to book an instructor (and their car) for my restricted license test. He changed his other bookings in order to accommodate me and so that I wouldn't need to reschedule my test. While I only spent an hour with him before the test, he took me through the most important things to pay attention to, calmed me down and even cracked a few jokes which really put my in a positive mood. I can only thank him for his positiveness, kindness and of course, experience. Thank you for sharing these with me today and helping me get the license! I'd highly recommend booking Vidya in if you need an instructor, he deserves a five star!"

1/2/2022 6:47 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Vidya's teaching method and experience is wonderful. He provided many guidance and tips so that I can drive safely and effectively. He definitely plays a great part of my learning journey. You deserve more than 5 stars Vidya!"

26/1/2022 11:22 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"A big thank you to my instructor Vidya Nand, he is very patient, understanding, professional and good motivator. He makes good jokes to make you feel relaxed. Very friendly and good listener. He will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver."

21/1/2022 10:36 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    


"I had my first driving lesson with Vidya and really enjoyed it. He went through a few basic things to keep in mind and note when driving and passed the wheel to the learner. He explained very clearly what mistakes just happened and guided to fix those in a very engaging, calm and professional way. I feel more confident even after one lesson. Highly recommended."

27/12/2021 3:25 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    
   Tuan Minh   

"After my first driving lesson, I felt more confident on the road as I learnt a lot from Vidya Nand who taught me a lot about what to do and what not to do on the road. Would definitely recommend A1 driving school !!!"

16/12/2021 4:08 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Vidya had been the driving instructor for both of my children and I would highly recommend."

8/12/2021 12:40 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Mr Vidya is the best!!!!"

14/8/2021 6:13 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Highly recommend. Great advice, friendly and calm demeanour making you feel relaxed and not anxious during the lesson."

6/8/2021 4:41 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Vidya has been a great instructor over the last few months. He has allowed for me to find the confidence in myself to be able to pass my restricted, something which I struggled to approach. Vidya is a very kind and friendly instructor that I am grateful to have been taught by."

3/8/2021 5:11 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

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