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"Neil was calm and friendly, gave clear instructions and easy to understand explanations on what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it."

21/4/2021 3:22 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Neil was very professional and thorough. Imparted a lot of very useful advice, tips, and tricks for driving. Would definitely recommend."

17/4/2021 9:28 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Neil is just awesome and understanding"

11/3/2021 3:18 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"So far I’ve completed 2 lessons with Neil and it has been great. Neil is great teacher and makes sure you are comfortable throughout the lesson. His patience and comfidence helped me become a more confident driver. I look forward to my upcoming lessons with Neil Laughing"

7/3/2021 12:38 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Thank-you A1 Driving School! Neil Bendig is an excellent instructor who offers clear and thoughtful guidance across all aspects of driving and road safety."

23/2/2021 6:33 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Hi, I have enjoyed all the 5 lessons I had done with Neil. The instructor himself was very welcoming and friendly. Also very helpful with directing me during our lesson. I have learnt and have become very confident in my driving, Thank you."

14/2/2021 1:46 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"My 4 stars are completely for Neil Bendig cause many have tried to explain to me Paralell Parking and he is the only one who took me out of this dilemma in a simplified way.
Wohhoooo!!!! I got my restricted.. :)"

29/1/2021 10:59 AM    
Rating: 4 stars    

"Neil taught me the basics fairly well, happy with how the lesson went :)"

27/1/2021 7:52 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Neil Bendig is very calm and patient.He is very professional, friendly & has a great sense of humour.He provides you with very helpful tips. I highly recommend Neil Bendig and A1 Driving School."

22/1/2021 6:23 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Super friendly teachers , they definitely make you feel comfortable and are willing to explain what to do and what the requirements are for your license."

17/12/2020 4:24 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"He’s the best instructor ever"

17/12/2020 10:52 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    
 Soham Lalit    

"It was a pleasure to learn to drive under the supervision of Neil"

13/12/2020 9:35 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    
 Soham Lalit    

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