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"Great night classes, awesome tutors and thorough practical preparation for your restricted/full license test."

21/4/2022 2:28 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Awesome tutors from my course in defensive driving course. I'm really happy with you both Harald and Rustom for teaching me all the ins and outs of driving I have learnt alot from you both."

20/4/2022 1:36 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Hi Rustom and Harald, Thanks a lot for your training. Regards."

19/4/2022 4:54 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Great Driving School. Very friendly and caring instructor. Harald made my daughter very at ease and gave clear instructions. She passed her restricted today. Will be back when other 2 children need an instructor. Great service."

4/4/2022 5:19 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Awesome professional company to deal with. Staff are great to deal with. Booked my sons driving lessons and defensive driving course with them and would highly recommend them."

23/6/2021 9:42 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Fantastic, Harald made the topic relevant and engaging!"

18/5/2021 4:59 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Harold was who I dealt with most whilst organising a last minute test drive for my daughter and he was fantastic and very helpful.
Then to the instructor Neil Bendig. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for waiting for my daughter even though she was late and putting her at ease, she absolutely enjoyed her driving experience with you. Great experience overall Thanks again!


13/5/2021 7:22 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"I did my defensive course with A1. I left a review previously about my practical lessons and this one is for the defensive drive course. I did it wil Harald in Henderson. It was great, so informative and I feel like a more aware driver now. I think everybody should do this course. I reduced my time to wait for my full license and I sat my test Thursday and passed woop! I would recommend these guys for both tests and defensive driver courses!
Thanks Harald and thank you A1 Smile"

8/5/2021 9:09 AM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"I did my lessons with Tony and he was great, so calm in the car which is so re-assuring when your learning how to drive. I’d be freaking out about all sorts of things and Tony was very calm. I passed my test on my first go which I was stoked about-Thanks Tony. I just did my defensive driving course with Harald and that was awesome, Harald is great, so knowledgeable. I will be sitting my practical Saturday and I hope it’s goes smooth:) my experience with A1 has been 10/10, I highly recommend doing lessons and the defensive driving course:)"

8/4/2021 12:16 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Thank you so much on the course. It was a real eye opener for me. I finally get to achieve one of goals in life and that is to be a full licensed driver. Like learning in our classes, it is so easy to be complacent but through our time together I have become a better driver being more aware of my surroundings and other drivers on the road for the safety of my family. Once again, thanks with Love and Blessings."

25/3/2021 5:28 AM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Harald was a great teacher and Carmelle was a friendly and helpful instructor. Thank you!"

21/3/2021 2:07 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Harald was brilliant, especially during the lockdowns as we had to reschedule twice. Very thorough with all the material and clear with his expectations. Text book example of what a defensive driving course is, nothing unexpected just learning the fundamentals of driving safe, hows and whys etc. Carmelle was also very good during the practical, again very clear of the expectations and what you are expected to do etc. ++"

19/3/2021 8:31 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Hi there,
I had Cristo as a pre test instructor 17/12/20 and then did my driving defensive course with Harald 15/02/21 and then had my practical lesson with Carmelle 18/03/21.
They were all amazing, I learned so much from them all and they were all helpful. Cristo and Carmelle with their practical lessons and Harald with his theory lessons.
I would highly recommend A1 for anyone wanting to get lessons and sign up for the defensive driving course. Worth the money.
They’re all so welcoming and lovely!"

18/3/2021 12:08 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Super helpful lesson! Really happy Smile"

14/3/2021 9:08 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

"Thank you sooo much for assisting Boshae in her driving skills, we wish you and your crew a happy safe summer break, thanks again."

14/12/2020 2:55 PM     
Rating: 5 stars     

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