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"Thank you Tony I really appreciate all your feedback and now I have more confidence, many thanks"

20/10/2019 1:04 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Just had some very positive feedback from Angelo's mum Helen.  She is extremely happy with the two lessons Tony has given Angelo.  She said he has had lessons from another driving school and he wanted to give up. After the lessons with Tony he is feeling really comfortable and happy and is keen to drive again.  They have booked another 3 for next week."

9/10/2019 9:08 AM   

"Thanks to Tony I was able to pass my restricted driving test on my first attempt. He is an excellent driving instructor and I’d recommend him to everyone. He has a professional manner and is calm and friendly. I felt at ease in the car with Tony and feel very confident in my driving skills after having had lessons. He lives up to his last name!"

7/10/2019 1:56 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"I really enjoyed my first lesson with Tony. He was very easy to understand and helpful. I am looking forward to my next lesson."

8/9/2019 9:27 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Very friendly calm chap. Good connection with my son"

7/9/2019 2:03 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"It was a nice experience with Tony today. Just the right instructor i needed. He is a soft spoken man, but will be direct to what u needed to learn and corrects u or tells u right away if u had made a mistake. I will surely book for another lesson with Tony.

6/9/2019 5:04 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Would definitely recommend to all ages learning to drive! I'm in my late 40s and have just completed 5 lessons - the most I've had with anyone. Very helpful and informative. Put me at ease from the very first lesson. Thank you Tony!"

18/6/2019 2:03 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Thank you for your kind support.
I learned driving with confidence by your advice."

27/5/2019 1:09 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Great Instructor Keivin"

23/4/2019 4:40 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"My driver instructor , Tony Best is professional , patience and methodical."

22/4/2019 4:19 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Today is my first day to attend driving lesson. Mr Tony is very nice instructor and he explains clearly the importance things to remember when driving. Will book another session with Mr. Tony"

20/4/2019 2:49 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Very friendly and informative from the first initial contact with Harald by phone and then by emails - quite thorough. Tony was also very friendly and helped me to feel at ease despite my nerves. His patience and calmness along with his knowledge and encouragement made my first experience learning to drive a very positive one."

19/4/2019 1:50 PM   
Rating: 5 stars   

"Tony Best.
Very helpful, friendly, patient and practical (take on board what he says and he will show you all the areas that you need work on).
My tester praised my driving other than some errors due to my nerves almost get the best of me.
A Brilliant Mentor. Had a 6 hours lessons and passed my restricted test.
The lessons had made a huge difference.
Book him in, guys. He is the best just like his name!
Thank you so much Tony!"

22/3/2019 12:02 PM
Rating: 5 stars

"Tony is nice and helpful for the driving instruction. He always highlighted areas need to be aware of. Tony is very friendly and you wouldn't feel stress while driving."

12/3/2019 10:51 AM
Rating: 5 stars

"Tony Best was a very good instructor. Very helpful, clear and knowledgable."

9/3/2019 11:46 AM
Rating: 5 stars

"Course gave me useful tip for full license and reminded me of road rule and midset for driving."

28/2/2019 5:14 PM
Rating: 4 stars

"Tony is a great instructor and helped me pass my restricted! I highly recommend him"

19/2/2019 1:54 PM
Rating: 5 stars

"Tony is the best driving trainer I had so far. He is clear, funny, respectful and gives me confidence to drive (which means a lot to me). I look forward to my next lesson! Alex"

4/2/2019 8:09 AM
Rating: 5 stars

"Really helpful lesson, thanks a bunch!"

31/1/2019 5:02 PM
Rating: 5 stars

"Great lesson thanks"

20/1/2019 12:44 PM
Rating: 5 stars


8/1/2019 4:14 PM
Rating: 5 stars

"A++ Instructor! Manny thanks for the lesson."

8/12/2018 10:15 AM
Rating: 5 stars

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lessons that Tony Best gave Ben – they got on really well, and Ben passed his full car licence test yesterday – first time! 
Thanks again,
Mark & Bronwyn"

7/12/2018 10:21 AM

"Many thanks for the lesson- it was very useful- made all the difference my son said! He sailed through his restricted test in 30 mins with no critical errors. Thanks Tony Best

19/11/2018 7:29 AM

"Excellent lesson!"

17/11/2018 11:07 AM
Rating: 5 stars

"Tony never fails to deliver on a great lesson. Every lesson is puporseful and focuses on my areas of development. Even though I make mistakes Tony always lets me try again and ask questions even if they seem silly. I am so grateful. Thank you Tony!"

4/11/2018 10:23 AM
Rating: 5 stars

"Tony is the best - he made my daughter feel very at ease and he was very encouraging."

2/11/2018 1:02 PM
Rating: 5 stars

"Thank you Tony, You were amazing."

29/10/2018 5:16 AM
Rating: 5 stars

"I’m really enjoying my lessons with Tony, and continue to learn and understand more about driving safely on the roads. I am very grateful for him. Thank you again Tony!"

28/10/2018 11:48 AM
Rating: 5 stars

"Tony is a great teacher, and I am so lucky that he is so patient with me. I make mistakes but am always given the opportunity to try again and get it right. I am looking forward to my next lesson on Sunday. Thank you Tony!"

26/10/2018 8:49 PM
Rating: 5 stars

"Another fantastic lesson! Tony was great with making sure we practiced parallel parking which is an area of development for me. Once again I have walked away having learnt something new. I am really grateful for Tony, and am looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson."

25/10/2018 11:17 PM
Rating: 5 stars

"This was my first lesson and I am so glad that I did it. Tony was so calm and great at making me feel comfortable. He was clear with his instructions and everything he said just made sense. I performed my first successful parallel park which was a pleasant surprise for me. Still have improvements to make and Tony gave me notes on the areas I need to focus on when practicing outside of lessons. I am really looking forward to my next lesson. Thank you Tony!"

21/10/2018 2:51 PM
Rating: 5 stars

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