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"My son Alex was really happy with his driving lesson. James was great. Friendly and encouraging and created a relaxed environment to learn."

14/6/2022 6:39 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"James is a really amazing instructor. I was preparing and having with him multiple lessons to get ready to pass the practical test for full driving license (to convert from my overseas one). Driving around the area- Mount Wellington, getting familiar with routes/ roads, roundabout, etc. was super useful. Thanks so much James for your help, all the tips& tricks and advices on the driving. Now I’ve passed (Yay!) and so happy!"

14/6/2022 5:42 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"James was an excellent instructor, was very patient, detailed, and is a positive person to be around. He gave me the confidence to take my restricted driving test, believed in me more than myself. All the practice paid off in the end as I got my license. Thank you James"

24/5/2022 2:58 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"I had 2 lessons with James. I've found him really helpful, clear and precise instructions to make me more confident before restricted test. He also has great sense of humour and a lovely personality."

23/5/2022 4:11 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"I had James as a instructor today and he was very friendly and very informative. Heaps of help today and looking forward to booking with you guys again, cheers :)."

18/5/2022 1:40 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"Hi it was a great lesson James was very informative and supportive, I was nervous but as soon as we started driving I started to enjoy the lesson. Thank you"

23/4/2022 4:09 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"James- aka James The Great- is the best, i can't recommend him enough! I had my first lesson with him on 28th January 2022 and this last Friday 18th March i passed my restricted test! He took me from not knowing where the break was to being able to pass my practical test from the first sitting and drive by myself yesterday for the first time in my life!! I am in my mid 30's, i have never driven before and my husband passed away 6 months ago so i found myself stuck and having to drive (without practicing in between the lessons because i had no other support and no family here) so i only relied on my hours with James. Add in my severe grief and anxiety which were paralyzing all my instincts and you can only imagine my fear of driving, let alone sitting a test. I don't have enough words to thank him for everything he has done for me, not to mention the patience, the kindness and being my biggest cheerleader:) THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart James, God bless you always! Daniela"

20/3/2022 6:42 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"My son has had lessons with both Kevin and James. Both have built his confidence and taught him the skills he needs to drive. We would definitely recommend using either of them as your teacher if learning to drive."

10/2/2022 11:22 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"James is a supportive and uplifting instructor who always prioritises your comfort. Very grateful for his instruction and highly recommend him"

18/2/2022 12:08 AM    
Rating: 5 stars    

"James is good."

16/2/2022 8:23 PM    
Rating: 5 stars    

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