10 unbelievable driving laws around the world

March 06, 2014 at 11:10 PM

DRIVING on the right side of the road or converting the speed limit from miles to kilometres per hour is challenging enough. But in some places, you have a whole host of weird traffic laws to contend with, too. Here are 10 laws that could really drive you mad!

Don’t eat while driving in Cyprus

In Cyprus, eating or drinking (even water) while driving is illegal. That’s right, grabbing a quick snack at a drive-through and chowing down while driving with your knees will net you an €85 ($130) fine. And don’t even think about taking a sip of that soft drink!

BYOB (bring your own breathalyser) in France

Did that last drink at the bar put you over the limit for driving home? If you’re following the law in France, you should be able to find out easily — drivers are required to carry a breathalyser kit in their vehicle (or motorcycle). Originally, drivers who didn’t have one were required to pay a fine of $17, but enforcement has been delayed indefinitely.

Keep your car clean in Russia

You’d better keep your car looking shiny and clean if you’re in Russia, as driving a dirty car can get you fined up to 2000 roubles (about $62).

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