5 Top Tips to Pass Your Driving Test

July 02, 2014 at 3:32 PM

When it comes time to take your driving test it can be very exciting: full of apprehension and excitement. Getting ready for this moment is something that you have been working on for many months, and one single test determines if you are ready to become fully licensed or not.

What you do during your road test will determine if you get your driver’s licence, so the test itself can be very nerve wracking.


Here are five tips to help you to pass your road test with flying colours and get your licence:

  • Before you get into your car, take a quick look around at the tyres and check to see that the indicators are working. When you get into the car with the driving instructor there are many things that you must do before you start the car. Check the position of your mirrors and adjust them. Turn the car radio off and adjust your seat. Fasten your seatbelt and ask the driving instructor to fasten their seatbelt too. The instructor will be looking for all of these things.

  • As you start to drive, pay very close attention to the speed that you drive. You must obey the posted speed limit on any road that you are on. If you enter a zone with a lower speed limit, you must obey that speed limit imediately. Failure to observe and obey posted speed limit signs and any other road signs can be a reason for the driving instructor to fail you immediately. Stay within the posted speed limit at that exact speed or a few km/h under it.

  • Whether you are stopping at a red light or a stop sign or a give way intersection, you must apply the brake slowly, giving yourself plenty of time to slow down on your approach to the intersection. If you slam on the brakes or make a sudden stop, this will be a cause for demerits and you are only allowed to lose so many points during your road test before you are automatically failed.

  • Whether you are planning to make a left or right turn, you have to use your indicator. If you do not use those indicators, it will be another reason for you to lose points. When you make turns you need to look very carefully in every direction to ensure that the way is clear. Slow down to make a safe turn, but do not slow down too much. As you make the turn, start to accelerate on the other end of it. As you change lanes, check all of your blind spots and turn your indicator on to let other drivers know of your intentions. When the way is clear, move into the lane you want to be in.

  • During your driving test you will be asked to parallel park your vehicle. So it is important to have practised this carefully to ensure that you are able to complete it properly during a driving test. You need to be one metre from the rear of the car in front and back up while looking behind you. Turn your head to look behind you and use your mirrors. Pull into the spot carefully and adjust the vehicle as much as you need to. Take care not to bump the curb or you will lose points.

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