5 Ways To Fail Your Drivers Licence Test

December 14, 2015 at 6:26 PM

No matter how old you are, taking a driving test can be a terrifying and stressful experience. And although a lot of people will pass the test on their first attempt, a significant number will also fail the exam. Failing the driving test does not necessarily mean that you’re not a good driver, sometimes the stress makes even the best fail on their first attempt.


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Driving licence tests not only focus on an individual’s ability to drive a car but also on their awareness of the things happening around them. This is where the problems arise as nerves creep in and make remembering even the simplest of things difficult for many people. It’s not surprising to find a student who did well in class failing their driving test exam because of simple mistakes.

The easiest way to make sure that you pass your driving license exam is to understand some of the common reasons why people fail and work on these areas. Sounds easy, right? But the number of learners that keep repeating these easily avoidable mistakes, is staggering. That is why we have put together a list of the five most common mistakes that will make you fail your test.

1. Use of mirrors. This is something simple that is often forgotten by would-be drivers. Once learners get behind the wheel, they forget one of the most important rules of driving: mirrors are to be used at all times and especially when changing direction, speed and overtaking. If you are not sure if you should check your mirrors, check them just in case. As they say: better safe than sorry.

2. Incorrect positioning. Make sure your vehicle is always in the correct lane especially at roundabouts and avoid rolling forwards over the white line at intersections. Ask your driving instructor to take you through a refresher course if you don’t feel confident enough about this.

3. Driving speed. Most people worry so much about speeding that they end up driving too slowly. What most learners don’t know is that driving slowly can be just as bad as speeding. The speed you use during your driving license test is crucial, so make sure to throw a glance at the dashboard every once in a while to ensure that you maintain the appropriate speed.

4. Steering control. There are some other times when confidence can cause your downfall during a driving test. Some drivers are so confident that they forget how to properly handle the wheel. Make sure you grip the wheel with both your hands at all times and make hand-over-hand turns releasing from the turn with controlled spillage. Never hold the wheel with one hand.

5. Changing lanes. Changing lanes improperly during a driving test could cost you your license. Make sure to indicate first, check your mirrors and blind spot before switching lanes. Make sure to also watch out for the traffic in front of you and maintain the speed you are moving at.

These are the five most common mistakes that would-be drivers make during their driving licence exams which result in failure. Pay attention and practice on this and your chances of passing will significantly increase.

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