A Couple Of Lists Of Top 5's and Top 10's

October 01, 2013 at 6:07 PM

Top 5 things learner drivers do wrong:

  1. Failing to signal correctly when entering or exiting a roundabout
  2. Not looking far enough ahead or not anticipating traffic situations ahead
  3. Approaching intersections or turns too fast
  4. Exceeding the speed limit
  5. Not stopping at a Stop signs

Top 5 poorly understood driving laws/rules:

  1. Indication on roundabouts
  2. Give Way rules at cross intersections controlled by Give Way or Stop sign
  3. Speed signs
  4. Stop signs
  5. Which lane to choose when turning left or right onto a multilane road

The Top 10 Driving Techniques That people Find Difficult:

  1. Parallel parking
  2. Lane changing
  3. High speed driving
  4. Merging
  5. Parking
  6. Gap selection
  7. Blind spot checks
  8. Estimating speed
  9. Awareness of surroundings eg. Roadsigns etc
  10. Anticipating other traffic

Top 10 questions that new students ask you:

New students don’t generally have a lot of questions when first learning, it is mostly the instructor explaining things. From there on it is all about practice, feedback and repetition.

The Most Confusing Road Rule Explained:

  1. When both vehicles are facing the same control, such as Stop signs, Give Way signs or green traffic signals, apply the rule “straight before turning”...see below pictures...in both pictures the Blue car goes first.


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