Are Wider Roads Safer?

September 04, 2015 at 8:30 AM

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Most people assume that wider roads are safer to drive on than narrower roads. And why wouldn’t they? A wider road means more space between lanes which would in turn make driving safer, right? Well, not really. Data gathered from a study conducted by the Transport Research Board of the U.S. in relation to America having lanes less than 3.6m wide paints quite a different picture.

The results surprised many as they indicated that narrower roads resulted in lower crash frequencies. The study also found that drivers tend to speed up while driving on wider roads (generally on motorways and expressways) and slow down when moving on narrower roads.

The only problem with narrower lanes, as a study by the Texas Transportation Institute suggests, is that they reduce lane capacity. This is because drivers tend to naturally slow down on narrower roads.

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