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March 23, 2013 at 2:30 PM

Class 2 Driver Training

Need Class 2 driver training? You're in the right place. You might need a Class 2 licence to perform a certain role in your current job, or you might want to make yourself more employable by adding this licence to your CV. Whatever the reason, we offer professional driving courses in Class 2 – in fact, we teach Classes 1 to 5 inclusive at our Auckland driving academy.

Class 2 Driver Training – The Bare Facts

A Class 2 licence pertains to what is commonly referred to as a light commercial vehicle – a single rigid vehicle over 4,500 kg and up to 18 000 kg, or a combination vehicle over 4,500 kg but less than 12,000 kg. Before you start a course to earn your Class 2 licence, you must first have a full car (Class 1) licence. You also need to supply a medical certificate within 60 days of applying for such a licence.

Why A Class 2 Licence Looks Good On Your CV

A Class 2 licence is one step up from a car licence. This licence allows you to drive the type of smaller commercial vehicle used for suburban deliveries or short-distance haulage. In these days where multitasking is everything, the ability to be able to drive one of these popular vehicles will stand you in good stead, even if driving the company truck isn't your core responsibility.

Retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers all use these trucks - they're a common fixture on our roads. Being able to drive one, when most of your colleagues can't, is a skill that will impress any potential employer.

Our class 2...class! We cover everything you need!

It's back to the books if you want a Class 2 driving training! In this case, it's the Road Code for Class 2 Heavy Vehicles. Once you've studied this Road Code, you sit for the Learner Licence test at an approved licensing agent. Or, you can do all this with us. Once you've completed that part of the test, you can commence the course with us.

Our training is carried out on a weekly basis and involves two theory unit standards, driver training and a practical assessment. After you've successfully completed your course in Class 2 driver training, we'll give you an NZTA Certificate. Take the certificate to your licensing agent to receive your Class 2 licence.

Because we handle all aspects relating to Class 2 licence training, from the Learner Licence test to the course itself, we make everything an exercise in convenience. And, like all of the driver training we do, the course is run by qualified instructors who have years of experience and knowledge to impart.

As we said at the beginning, if it's Class 2 driver training you're after, you're in the right place!

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