Defensive driving – a skill for life

January 21, 2013 at 9:08 PM

Defensive Driving – A Skill For Life

As a learner driver, you might see just one benefit in a defensive driving course. It will help you get your licence sooner! By taking a defensive driving course, you're rewarded with a substantial reduction in the restricted licence period - a six month reduction if you're under 25, and three months if you're over 25. However, as qualified driving instructors, we place a different value on a defensive driving course. We see such a course as vital in teaching you to become a safer, smarter motorist for a lifetime, not just as a tool to be exploited as you learn to drive. With professional tuition and enough practice, just about anyone can master the physical skills required to drive a vehicle. However, it takes a defensive driving course to make you a smart driver; one intelligent enough to manage risks, drive to the conditions and avoid dangerous situations.

Reducing The Risk Through Defensive Driving

Male drivers in the 15-19 year age group are about nine times more likely to crash than male drivers in the 55-59 age group. Female drivers aged 15-19 are seven times more likely to crash than female drivers aged 55-59. In 2011, drivers aged 15-24 were involved in 80 fatal crashes, with primary responsibility for 71 of them. If one thing stands out from those statistics, it's that the older you are the less likely you are to be involved in a motor accident. With age comes experience. Older drivers have racked up enough kilometres to become more aware of the risks on the road, and how to manage them. A defensive driving course won't give you years of experience in a matter of hours. But it will help you understand and avoid the factors that lead to accidents, in the same way an older driver does. By adding a defensive driving course to your driver education, you bridge the gap between youth and experience. It's like putting an older, wiser head on young shoulders!

Learn Defensive Driving With Streettalk

We are aligned with Streettalk, a fully approved Defensive Driving Course. Each course includes four interactive sessions in a classroom, each lasting for two hours. The final step is a one-on-one practical session in your own vehicle. We strongly urge you to enrol in a defensive driving course – and we hope you see it as more than a way to get your driver's licence sooner. Take on board everything you learn, use those skills every time you get behind the wheel, and increase your chances of enjoying a lifetime of safe motoring. By doing that, your defensive driving course will give you a short-term benefit and long-term gain.

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