Do You Have To Do A Three Point Turn In The Driving License Test?

August 07, 2018 at 8:35 PM

In a restricted driving license test, you’re usually asked to perform a reverse parallel park. If there aren’t any suitable spots to perform the manoeuvre, however, the testing officer might instead ask you to perform a three-point turn; this gets a lot of people worried.

The trick to doing a perfect three-point turn is to get adequate practise. Your testing officer will be evaluating you on:

  • Signalling: Make sure you indicate for a minimum of 3 seconds any time you need to let other drivers know what you are doing i.e. before pulling over to the kerb and before pulling out to start the manoeuvre.
  • Car positioning: Make sure your car is no more than 30 cm from the kerb when you’re pulling over and ensure you don’t hit the kerb at any time when performing the manoeuvre. Make sure to move forward and position your vehicle correctly on the road once you finish the reverse movement.
  • Observation: Practise the good habits you have learnt around looking for hazards and scanning the road. Check your rear, both directions, and over your shoulder when necessary to ensure safety.
  • Location: Don’t stop in an illegal or unsafe place when making the turn, such as in front of a driveway or on yellow lines. You also can’t enter driveways or any other private property when turning.
  • Proficiency: Make the turn in under 2 minutes and ensure the manoeuvre is an actual ‘three-point turn’ i.e. don’t move across the road more than once. 

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