Do You Need Advanced Driving Lessons?

February 28, 2013 at 3:40 PM

There is more to us than teaching young learner drivers. We have the expertise and experience to offer tuition in a range of areas. You might need advanced driving lessons to get your truck licence. Or, you might have a disability which requires specialist car training. Or, you might be from overseas and need to convert to a New Zealand driver's licence. Our qualified driving instructors have skills right across the board, and we can help you achieve your driving goal, whatever it is.

Advanced Driving Lessons In Trucks

advanced driving lessons in trucksLearning to drive a truck can make you much more employable. We can help you bolster your CV by offering training in Classes 2, 3, 4 and 5. In other words, all weight ranges are covered, from light trucks right up to any combination vehicle over 25, 000 kg. We can also help you out with endorsements for forklifts, dangerous goods and passengers. All of our courses are LTSA approved, with time reduction courses available in all classes. In a shrinking job market, a potential employee boasting driver's licences across several classes, and suitable endorsements, stands out from the crowd. To find out more (and about how cheap driving lessons can be when you think about the big dollars you will make) about our advanced driving lessons for heavy vehicles, get in touch now.

For Drivers With Disabilities

Independence and mobility do not have to be restricted because of disability. Advanced vehicle technology makes it possible for a person with a disability to drive a car, and we offer specialised tuition to try and make that happen. Regrettably, many people think their disability is such that there is no way they could possibly drive, and they fail to find out if it is possible to get a licence. They miss out on the independence that a driver's licence would give them, simply because they didn't ask. Don't make that mistake! Contact us and we can chat about driving lessons in a specialised vehicle, or contact the New Zealand Transport Agency, who have produced an excellent factsheet on disabilities and driving.

Welcome to New Zealand!

Many of our advanced driving lessons are given to our newest residents. Driving in New Zealand presents a unique set of challenges. Our climactic conditions range from hot and hazy to grey and icy, often within a very short distance. Our roads are not like the wide, open motorways you find running the length and breadth of Europe or North America. They can be tight and twisty, especially in coastal and alpine regions. Our road rules are different. And there is also a variance of regulations when it comes to converting your overseas driver's licence to the New Zealand version. We recommend driving lessons for Auckland residents too, just because you're in the big smoke, doesn't mean that there aren't new driving challenges for you!

You might think you don't need advanced driving lessons when you move to New Zealand. You might need to think again. While licences from some countries only require a theory test, licences from other nations need a theory AND practical test before they can be converted. Check with the New Zealand Transport Agency about the requirements for converting your licence, then contact us about getting some tuition. You might only need to pass a theory test, but you should ask our qualified instructors to give you a practical introduction to local roads. They're qualified and skilled. They know what they're doing...and where they're going!

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