Drink, Drive, Lose

May 13, 2014 at 12:22 PM

We have heard it time and time again… “If you drink, don’t drive.” As simple as this concept is, many people continue to do it over and over again because they believe that they are “not that drunk” or that they are “safe to drive”. One drink is one drink too many and every time you get behind the wheel you risk injuring or killing another driver on the road. If you drink & drive, you can face stiff penalties even if you do not harm anyone.

If you drink & drive and you are pulled over by the police, you can be made to undergo roadside screening and depending upon the results of those tests, you may be subject to arrest, large fines, legal bills, court time, embarrassment and ultimately, job loss. You will be required to breathe into a roadside screening device which will measure your blood alcohol content. If you refuse to undergo that test then you may be obligated to provide a blood sample which will also provide the same information to police.

The next step is to be formally charged and then to proceed to court to face those charges in front of a judge. The truth is that there is no way to know exactly what penalty or charge will be imposed by the Court if you decide to drink & drive. You can be assured, however, that if you are a repeat offender that you will experience penalties that become more serious with each new offence.

Having a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) over the legal limit can have serious consequences. Here are some of the things that may happen to you if you are charged with drinking and driving:

Penalties for drink driving offences

These are summarised on: http://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/factsheets/55/driving-offences.html

The issue is that you will not only need to deal with the legal consequences when you drink & drive, but also with the humiliation and shame that can result from being charged with such an offence. If a person has a drinking problem, this kind of legal trouble can lead to them losing their marriage, losing access to their children, being unable to commute to work or to do other normal things that a person can do when they hold a valid driver’s licence.

If you lose your licence due to drinking and driving it can not only be inconvenient but it might cause you to have to rely on other people to help you get to where you need to go. Some people drive professionally for a living, so the loss of their licence can be devastating and can lead to the loss of their job.

The message is simple and very clear: don’t drink and drive.

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