Getting The Best Driver Education

April 22, 2013 at 11:06 PM

Getting The Best Driver Education

Your driver education should be taken very seriously. It's not enough to ask a favourite uncle for a few lessons as you learn to drive, and then leave the rest to chance. Your driver education needs to be comprehensive and professional. You have rigorous driving tests to pass, and a lifetime of driving challenges to contend with. You need to be taught by people who understand the testing process, and who know what skills you need to stay safe. Professional tuition gives you the driver education you need.

What You Need To Learn

Basically, you need to learn to stay alive! Your focus as a learner driver is probably on passing the theoretical and practical tests that are part of our graduated licensing system. A qualified driving instructor sees it differently. Of course, they want to help you get your licence. But they also want to give you the skills you need to be a safe driver once you have your licence. Pretty much anyone with a drivers licence can teach you the physical skills required to drive a car. But it's a lack of mental application that usually causes test failures and road accidents. Call it a brain fade if you will. And not everyone can teach you to engage your brain before you start the car. It takes a professional driving instructor to pass on that knowledge.

Pick Their Brains

A professional driving instructor is paid to be a smart driver. Their livelihood, and reputation, depends on it. So wouldn't it make sense to learn to drive with someone who is well endowed with 'road smarts'? The alternative is to learn with a friend or family member who didn't need too much in the way of brain cells to pass the driving test back in the days when it was very, very simple. We're not saying that they're dumb. Far from it! We're just suggesting that they might not know everything you need to know to pass the modern test. Times have changed, the testing procedure has changed. A professional driving instructor is up to date with these changes and knows how to help you handle them. That's their job!

Take A Defensive Driving Course

To boost your driver education – and to gain a substantial reduction in the restricted licence period – you should enroll in a defensive driving course. We offer these courses, and we know how good they are at turning young drivers into smarter drivers. The courses are interactive and intensive. The theoretical and practical elements of a defensive driving course will teach you about things like risk management, how to drive to the conditions and how to avoid dangerous situations. If you are serious about your driver education – and you should be – enrolling in a defensive driving course is a very smart thing to do.

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