How to Fail Your Driving Test

April 05, 2014 at 10:40 PM

Taking your driving test can be a very stressful event. First of all, you are concerned about passing and second, you do not know what to expect from the test or the examiner who will be conducting the test.

If you have been practicing your driving skills and have clocked up the recommended number of hours, then you should be fully prepared and ready for your test.

If you are not ready, then you run the risk of failing your driving test.

Here are some things that may cause you to fail your driving test:

  1. Drive too fast or too slow. You must observe the speed limit while driving, and adjust your speed accordingly. Driving too fast (speeding) is an automatic fail. Driving too slow can present a danger to you or others on the roadways. You should have the confidence to bring the vehicle up to the correct posted speed limit when you are driving.

  2. Don't check your mirrors before changing lanes. It is important to follow the procedures for a safe lane change every time you change lanes. The examiner will ask you to change lanes during the driving test and you will need to first check your mirrors and then do a shoulder check to look at the blind spot before you turn on your indicator and move over to the next lane.

  3. Turn on the radio, chew gum and bring your cell phone. When the examiner gets to your car, you may get an automatic fail if you have any distractions such as music, food or your cell phone. Ask the examiner to put on his safety belt and do not turn the radio on. Turn your cell phone off and put it away and get rid of any food or beverage in your vehicle. Distractions can cause you to automatically fail your test.

  4. Do something that causes another driver on the road to take defensive action. If you pull out into traffic without looking or do something else that nearly causes an accident, you will automatically fail your driving test. The reason is that you have put another driver into danger and caused them to do something to avoid a collision with you, which may have in turn caused them to be involved in a collision.

  5.  Do something illegal. One of the most common driver test fails is when the test subject does not come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Rolling through a stop sign is an automatic fail, so stop at every intersection and use caution at all give-way intersections. Study all of the rules of the road and learn who has the right to go first and make certain that you follow those rules.

  6. Examiner needs to take the wheel. If you almost caused a collision or caused some other dangerous situation where the instructor was forced to take the wheel to avoid that situation, you can be assured that you have just failed your driver’s test.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay the examination fee for each test that you take. Make sure that you are ready before you book your driving test.

Being ready means you know the rules of the road, how to control your car, and you have the confidence to drive the vehicle in any situation.

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