Learn To Drive In Your Holidays

December 12, 2014 at 3:28 PM

School has closed for summer meaning you have got a couple of weeks’ worth of free time to spend at home. This break, if you are aged above 15, provides you with the perfect opportunity to learn how to drive and finally get your license.

learn-to-drive.jpgAcquiring a driving license is the first step towards adulthood and freedom. It means that you will no longer have to depend on your parents or older siblings to drive you around to wherever you need to go. All you need after you get your license is permission to use the car and you are set. A license is also a good start when you want your parents to buy you a car or hand down the old one.

A license means that you finally get to follow your own timetable and no one else’s. You can decide when to do things at your own convenience without having to adhere to anyone’s schedule other than your own.

This is all very exciting but an important question needs to be answered before your lessons can start. Should you go for professional driving lessons or should you be trained by a friend or a member of the family? The answer to this question is both.

For the best results you will need both, but professional training is a must if you want to ace your exam and practical test the first time. Training from a friend or family should only be used to complement professional lessons from a New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) approved instructor.

It is highly unlikely that anyone other than an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) would have the knowledge, training and experience to teach you properly. Learning how to drive safely from the beginning will improve both your safety and that of other road users.

Statistics show that about half of the candidates taking a driving license exam fail. For first time candidates, the figure is even higher. The reason for the high rate of failure is because most candidates take the exam without proper preparation.

There are a couple of reasons why you should get professional driving lessons instead of “informal” ones. They include:

  1. A properly trained instructor identifies with you as an individual – this means that the instructor will interact with you on a one on one basis and not as part of a collective. He/She will thus be able to understand you better and adapt to suit you as he/she sees fit.
  2.  Patience – Parents or friends may not be the most patient of instructors. They can get annoyed by small mistakes or not be able to understand why you do not understand a certain operation. A professional will be able to handle this situation properly as he/she has been trained on how to do so and has dealt with other students before you, and so understands the situation.
  3.  The professional trainer will be able to develop a teaching plan that suits your needs – An ADI will be able to assess you within the first meeting and then develop an appropriate teaching plan that will be suitable for you. By understanding your learning speed, the instructor will know the areas where he/she will need to spend extra time and the areas that don’t need as  much work.
  4. Experience, knowledge and skills – An ADI’s learning process is continuous and therefore he has the latest information on driving. It might be a while since your parents got their license and they might therefore not remember most of their safety training. A professional instructor will even be able to provide learning materials for the learner. His skills and experience are vast due to the amount of training he has undertaken.
  5. Lessons can be scheduled at your convenience – Parents have a lot of things to juggle. Lessons may therefore be inconsistent and at times may not be convenient for you. A professional instructor will let you make your own schedule so that you can take the classes when you are not busy. You will also be able to complete your training quickly as the lessons do not have to be done during someone’s free time, which might be limited.
  6. The vehicles are insured and checked by government inspectors to make sure they are in top shape. This means that any accidental damage will not be at your cost. Government checks also ensure that you are driving a safe vehicle with the proper modifications for training a new driver.
  7. Dual controlled vehicles – this mean that when you take lessons from a professional, you will be able to use a vehicle specifically made for training drivers. This gives you more room for error and the instructor can be able to correct these errors before they result in anything serious, from the passenger seat!
  8.  Exam preparation – An ADI has coached many students before. She/he therefore understands the kind of questions to be expected in the theory part of the driving license exam. The instructor can also anticipate what the examiner will want you to perform during the practical exam and will thus prepare you adequately and ease your anxiety.

What To Look For In A Trainer.

When looking for a professional trainer to teach you how to drive, there are several important things that you must check to make sure that you get the most out of your course and are properly prepared for the examination.

  1. The instructor’s accreditation by the NZTA, and their experience.
  2. The length of each lesson you will attend.
  3. Whether the ADI has a structured approach with well-defined objectives.

Getting trained by a professional does not mean that you cannot also receive training from a parent or responsible adult. In fact, it is recommended that you do.

The more time you spend behind the wheel, the more confident you will become and this will greatly improve your chances of passing the license exam.

At A1 driving school, we ensure that our instructors are well trained and accredited so that they can pass on driving skills to the highest possible standard.

Get your driving license this holiday hustle free!

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