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April 23, 2013 at 11:30 AM

As you learn to drive, you might be tempted to take shortcuts to save you money, and hard work. For example, you might not put in the recommended amount of hours behind the wheel before doing your restricted test. And you might call on family or friends to give you free lessons, instead of paying for professional driver education. Whatever shortcut you take, you're going the wrong way!

Cutting corners as you learn to drive will lead you to being under prepared when you take that rigorous test at the restricted licence stage. You won't have enough hours under your belt, and enough driving 'smarts' in your head. You're doomed to fail the test. Unless, of course, you learn to drive...the right way.


A Very Testing Test

There's no way you can fool the examiner as you go for your restricted licence. They'll know if you've come to the test more hopeful than skilful. They're under strict instructions to play it tough as they test you, and that should come as no surprise. Our road toll is scary, to say the least. We are, as a nation, poor drivers. Driving standards need to be raised, and the new, tougher test, reflects that. It's never been harder to learn to drive, but then it's all about being a safer driver!

In recent months, since the introduction of the new restricted driving test, less than half of the learner-drivers passed. A major reason for this is they just didn't have enough supervised experience behind the wheel. As you learn to drive, keep this figure in mind – 120 hours. The New Zealand Transport Agency recommends every learner-driver have at least 120 hours behind the wheel before they sit their practical restricted test.

Don't Waste Your Time

Spending 120 hours in the driver's seat is vital as you prepare for that all-important restricted test. But you could be wasting your time if you lack basic driving skills – all you are doing is multiplying bad habits by 120 hours! That could easily happen if you receive your initial driving tuition from a family member or a friend who got their licence when it was as easy as a spin around the block. Their lack of skills, and a lifetime of dubious driving habits, could easily rub off on you.

And, as you spend 120 hours behind the wheel, you're simply spending more and more time copying their limited skills. When it's time for the restricted test, this will be only too evident to the examiner – and only too evident to you as you come to terms with a failed test, and an $88 re-sit fee.

120 Good Hours Spent Learning To Drive

So, how do you learn to drive the right way...and spend 120 good hours behind the wheel?

The answer should be obvious. Professional driving tuition. Qualified driving educators, such as the ones we employ, can get your motoring career off on the right foot...so to speak. By learning the right skills from the word go, and putting them into practice during your 120 hours behind the wheel, you'll have a much better chance of passing the restricted test.

A few lessons to start with, followed by refresher lessons as you continue to learn to drive...that sounds like a plan for success. Certainly a better way to go than taking shortcuts!

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