Learning To Drive? The Holidays Are A great Time

February 19, 2016 at 5:47 PM

learn-to-drive.jpgAlthough a lot of people would like to learn how to drive, tight schedules throughout the year make it difficult for them to juggle driving lessons and other responsibilities such as school or work.

Learning to drive – since it’s not a very urgent issue – is almost always overlooked as people focus on other more important issues. But the holidays are here and now you’ve got a bit of time to spare, so why not acquire this important skill now?

Since driving is not a complicated course, you can learn the skill within the few days or weeks of free time you have. And since it’s a fun thing to learn, you’ll still be enjoying your time off. What better way to begin the new year than with a driving license.  With just a few lessons, you will be ready to sit your license exam and, if everything goes well, have your driving license just before the new year begins.

So, whether or not you should learn to drive this holiday is not really the question, it’s how you get the lessons. Yes, the decision on who teaches you how to drive is just as important as that of taking the lessons – maybe more. This is because passing your licence exam, although important, is not the number one priority when you are learning to drive; competency is. You’ll need to learn from someone who will equip you with the necessary skills to preserve both your safety and that of other road users in addition to helping you pass your exam.

There are two training options available to would-be drivers: training informally – with a parent or friend, and getting formal training with a professional instructor.

Most people are swayed towards the latter as it is cheaper and ignore the benefits of training with a pro. This shouldn’t be the case because when it comes to matters of safety, no compromises should be made.

Benefits of learning to drive from a professional

The benefits of getting professional driving lessons include:

1.    Use of dual control vehicles.

A proper driver-training vehicle should have dual controls to ensure that the trainee learns without risking anyone’s safety. With a dual control vehicle, a would-be driver gets the freedom to learn on their own but can still get help from the instructor at a moment’s notice when necessary.

Professional instructors will also provide additional learning materials to help you study for the theory part of your examination. All this is not available when you take informal lessons.

2.    Personalised schedules.

With a professional instructor, you’ll not have to bend your schedule to attend lessons as would be the case when you are learning from a friend or parent.

You can plan your lessons and have them at whatever time that is convenient for you. The trainer could even pick you up at a location that is convenient for you.

3.    Tailored teaching plan and exam preparation.

We all have different learning speeds and styles. A professional instructor understands this and will create a personalised teaching plan just for you based on this. The instructor will also help you prepare for your license exam by providing guidance on how to tackle exam questions.

At A1 driving school, we believe that safety comes first when it comes to driving.

That is why we also focus on training you to be a safe driver in addition to preparing you for the license exam.


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