Restricted License Test Results

November 14, 2012 at 3:05 PM

Restricted license test results

Test results show that a lot of applicants are not ready to sit the new, more difficult, Restricted license test.

Either people lack experience in driving and haven't yet driven the suggested 120 hours or they haven't yet mastered the more difficult tasks required for the new test.

Below test results for Auckland Restricted license tests from 27/2/2012:

Total number of 1R tests from 27/2/2012:                    15960

Overall pass rate for tests sat since 27/2/2012:             40%

Most people would greatly benefit from some professional driver training with a qualified driving instructor. They can point out your mistakes and take you through the scenario's covered in the new test. People would greatly benefit from practice outside these lessons to fine tune the learned skills.

The new license test is not just about knowing how to drive, but it's about driving confidently by yourself in any kind of situation, including driving in the more complex situations.

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