Should You Take A defensive Driving Course?

November 21, 2014 at 11:55 AM

Are you wondering if it is worth it to take defensive driving courses?  Truthfully, these courses are a great investment not only for those who are learning how to drive but also for those who already have experience driving.  Learner drivers are taught effective methods of being defensive behind the wheel instead of being aggressive - which is a leading cause of accidents.  Simple methods of evasive driving are taught to drivers so that they will learn to make quick decisions at the last minute and avoid life-changing and deadly collisions.

Young drivers who take defensive driving courses learn a variety of important driving skills including maintaining a constant speed.  These skills can help them with fuel economy and driving better in traffic.  They also learn to drive safely in a controlled environment.  An experienced driver will accompany them and help them to observe a variety of things including their surroundings and what the road conditions are.  When a young driver completes this course they can reduce the amount of time that they must remain on their restricted licence by as much as three months.  This time reduction does depend upon the age of the driver because if the driver is too young they cannot obtain an unrestricted licence too quickly.

Important Components of Defensive Driving Courses

These types of courses are generally divided up into four class sessions.  There is a one hour assessment that is conducted with the student driver behind the wheel.  This is when the student driver will learn a variety of advanced techniques that will show them how to keep control of their vehicle in a variety of situations.  One must learn how to make the right decisions without having a chance to think about them – as an instinctive move.  These driving moves must be second nature because when an emergency occurs, there is no time to think about what type of action should be taken, especially in a dangerous situation.

These sessions can also help a driver to have a better understanding of the road, possible dangers that they might be faced with and unexpected things that can occur as they drive down the road.  When a person takes a course that teaches them the fundamentals of defensive driving, they learn how to make the correct decisions and manage risks.  They also gain valuable experience so that they can learn to be safe behind the wheel.  When a person learns to drive defensively, it can prevent accidents.  It saves lives when a person learns what is needed to drive safely in any situation, especially when unexpected danger presents itself.  Many lives have been saved since defensive driving has been introduced and taught as a course. 
Experienced drivers are also advised to take a defensive driving course.  These courses can help those drivers to reinforce their experience and hone their driving skills.  Older drivers tend to become set in their ways and they may overlook some components of safety that are very important.  These courses can help them to re-examine their driving habits and take a new look at the way that they drive, sometimes even opening their eyes to the possibility that they are making some critical errors or overlooking some important errors they make when they are driving.

Defensive driving courses help drivers to recognize driving hazards, reduce their restricted licence period, avoid dangerous situations, and react in a timely and evasive fashion so as to completely avoid an accident.  Injuries can be avoided, lives can be saved, insurance costs can be reduced, all because people are paying more attention on the roads.  This all adds up to a winning situation, because drivers are more careful, so accidents are reduced.  Many insurance companies are also willing to provide a discount to drivers on their insurance when they have taken a defensive driving course. 

Don’t leave anything to chance, learn from the best.  When it comes to driving, you want to feel confident behind the wheel and ready for anything to happen, whether it be bad weather conditions, unexpected road conditions, an accident or a mechanical failure, you will be ready to face it all.

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